Win 2K logon

HAd a win2k machine that wouldn’t boot, even to safe mode. Booted the CD, ran recovery console chkdsk, no help. Booted CD ran repair function. Now it booted up but I could not logon as ‘domain server unavailable’ for domain name that was the owner name in CAPS. Not a user, not a workgroup not the computername and it had never been setup on a domain… weird.
Anyway you can’t do bugger all with users from the recovery console. So I figured, backup the docs and reinstall win2K… i booted w my BartPE disk, but got syntax errors trying to copy folders. So I figured HA! and booted with knoppix but I had no permission to access the hard drive… So I used my hack disk and discovered it works fine on XP but win2K doesn’t use the same hives or whatever…
So I just said hail mary and reintalled win2K, and it worked like a charm, even fixed the existing users back to their original passwords. All I need is to reinsert some program CDs to get it back to day 1… and DUH I knew this already. I am back after six days off and it’s dawning on me (as I type ls (SHIT-windows), dir (SHIT-linux), RING (no the internet works, you just haven’t paid your bill since June), KNOCK-KNOCK (remember when you fixed my computer last year? Well it’s broken already)… that I don’t like my job anymore!

Point being, exactly what Windows file got whacked? And where did it come up with a domain controller and the guy’s name, all by itself?

I’ve seen a lot of stuff, but nothing like that.

When trying to backup files, the best thing to do is just connect the HD to a working computer with WIN2K or XP.

AListair should use bart_pe wicked tools on there : O ) of course i have a spacial version but yeah… : O )

its probably a file in the hidden folder under system mem when yuobot with bart also deleting uninsta$$ folder with bart and the recycling bin folders would have fixed that. : O ) common problem with 2k : O )

Gee… it seems I’ve been out of the loop for too long. I’ll have to investigate this bart thing.

or you could email me : O ) also how did the phone call go ?