William Shatner takes commanding lead in push for GG

Please … spare us

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Doesn’t a Governor General have to have a modicum of class in order to land such a position, so can someone tell me why Shatner is in the running?

Khaaaaaaaaaaaan!!! :smiley:

How is Shatner not classy? Or respected?

Shatner can’t be a Canadian.
He followed the money to the USA. Therefore, by standards to which Iggy is held, he can’t be considered.
If those standards apply only to Iggy… then to hell with Shatner, I nominate Alanis Morrisette. She played God, GG should be a cakewalk after that.

Er, I believe she lives in LA as well, thus your residency requirements preclude her ascension to the Step throne…

Maybe Anne Murray? She still lives in Toronto I believe, she even tried to buy the Blue Jays a few years ago  with some help from CIBC, ah so that’s what all those user fees are for!

Personally I think they should give it to Don Cherry, imagine the fun that would be in Quebec , or Kay Beck as His would be Excellency would say, I think it would be quite helpful for national unity, ours or theirs!    :wink: 

Did you see the wild BC Salmon episode?  That was all class.  Shotguns, grizzlies, BC wild salmon, and fishing.

Just to remind me - the reason we have a governor general at all is???


Apparently to provide contract employment for semi retired singers, actors and journalists.

I really hope this is a joke, arnold governing california, shatner our GG? I would hate to live in england cause you know Mr. Bean will be running that next narf!!

Or Benny Hill, he even might have his own uniforms!

I do not believe that I want a GG who is or was a suspect in murder of wife and could never keep his Laser Pecker in his pocket when he was out in space. I think our present GG has been doing a great job.

rumour mongering…

fittingly in a prince rupert forum…

ok lifeless people…contribute…

Well, while Justin Case channels Joe Friday (Horatio Cane for our younger viewers) and investigates Captain Kirk’s potential misdeeds of life, Kirk’s ole pal Spock has weighed into the debate, suggesting that Kirk er, Shatner as GG is simply logical…

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"Shatner responded to the campaign on Tuesday with a Twitter entry: “I’m being drafted by various groups to run for Governor General. Would they accept me if I campaign for salmons’ rights?”

The obvious choice would be Rick Mercer, think of the boost for the CBC

Rick Mercer is awesome, He should run for PM  :smiley: 

Michaëlle Jean and Adrienne Clarkson were both a product of CBC/Radio Canada.  Prime Ministers–wanting easy browny points with the media–have been guilty of pampering to them … enough is enough.

The next GG should have a grey beard, wear long johns all the time, drink like a fish, smoke dope and come from somewhere with a population under 100.
“Your castle is in London? Far out, man. But how do you handle all those people? They talk funny and really fast. They really need to mellow out, man…”