Will Citywest phones be charged 15 cents per incoming text?

So both Bell and Telus have announced that any customer that doesn’t have a text plan will soon be charged 15 cents for all incoming text messages. 

Will this apply to Citywest phones as well? 

Well since they are aligned with Bell through Northwest Tel I would assume so, my question is why would people have to pay for those texts that they don’t want to receive…

I wonder if they’ll have a preview feature introduced to allow you to pick and choose which messages you want to pay for…

I imagine that with spam the way it is it will evolve to the text messaging world and whoa nellie your phone is gonna cost you a whack of money all of a sudden…

I don’t think Rogers is set to introduce incoming text charges so that might bring even more business their way from Citywest if the our phone company ends up having to charge for incoming texts…

they were doing this before, when I got my phone, that’s why we got plans!!


So basically if I send a text to a friend of mine on Citywest, they pay 15 cents, even if they don’t want the message?  ie:  I could text them a single letter (or punctuation mark) and they’ll be dinged 15 cents?

I’m about to start texting all my citywest friends with a message that says “Hi!  I just cost you 15 cents!”


ya I found that stupid as I didnt want text messaging but would have to pay for it if someone sent me a message, and last week I got my first spam text… :frowning:

I do not think so.  I say this because I was in Citywest yesterday confirming my plan, bill, and possible dates with the odd cutie, and was told “…its .15 to text a message and its free to receive.”  I was also told that if I went over a specific amount of texts, I would be charged a flat $10.00 for that month.  This was without any disgusting data plan option.

Yes, it’s also free to receive on Bell and Telus right now too.

This is supposed to start in August:

cbc.ca/consumer/story/2008/0 … sages.html

ohh ya that right free to receive but it cost to send…anyways thats why i got a plan…

Ok, that makes sense.  It is still free to receive.  But according to the CBC link there, both Bell and Telus will make it cost 15 cents to receive.

I wonder if that includes Citywest.

Funny story about unwanted text messages. I had this ex girlfriend who was slightly angry with me and kept text message bombing me (manually but still annoying) for several hours while I was at work.

Very much annoying so I called rogers and asked what they could do. Initially they wanted to charge me a fee for blocking all text messages. I talked to a manager and eventually they did it for free for a couple months.

Don’t be surprised to see  bell/telus try to charge you to disable texts.

Frankly I find it hard to believe, based on the tone of many of your past posts that you would have a girlfriend that would be angry with you, say it isn’t really so… :imp:

If people have Bell phones through CityWest… why WOULDN’T CityWest be all over the 15 cent per text fee? 

Right now it is only 15 cents to send a text, and free to recieve, if you don’t have the $10 a month unlimited plan.  With the amount of texting people have been doing instead of using their airtime, why not make up the money per message?  Seems right to me.

I’ve never got a text message yet that was Spam.  Hell… I even have Facebook set up to text me when certain things happen online :smiley:

Don’t phones usually come with an option of turning on and off receiving text messages?  I know mine does.  I dunno how the phones are up there though.

Even more shockingly I currently have a chicky that is madly in love with me. Boggles the mind doesnt it.

PS. The last one is the reason I am the way I am :wink: and its well deserved.

According to tonight’s newspaper, CityWest will not be charging the fee for receiving text messages. Smartest thing they’ve done in a long time.

Wow, you must be very old if you can remember something that far back.  :smiley: