Wild life Collection and Aqua culture laws

Hey Rupert,
I am Happy to Say i will be returning to your Beautiful city again this summer!
I have some questions for anyone who can answer it.
As i have mentioned before, i Specialize in the Aqua culture of Cnidarians.
And while i was Attempting to Research Protection laws in Canada such as
SARA “species at risk act” i attempted to find Information pertaining to collection of
Cnidaira. Unfortunately i came up empty handed, Although i did find some listing of Mollusks, fishes and Cetaceans there seems to be a distinctive gap missing Everything From Echinoderms, Annelids, Cnidarians or even Ctenophores.
I cannot find Anything on these Phyla included in any collection laws.
Can anyone Provide me with further data?
I do not intend to collect any specimens or anything of the sort unless i can
be further Educated on the laws regarding the British Columbian Biota.

Wouldn’t the first place you looked about laws and such regarding sea life be the DFO?

Maybe I’m nuts, i don’t know.
You could also maybe try the college, they have a program there called ACE (applied coastal ecology) They might be helpful.

i checked the government of Canada’s fisheries and oceans site.
could not find anything on the subject.

WWF office here would be a good place to go!

I might Need to go there.
Where in Town is it located?

3rd ave i think

Strange, i just looked at the WWF site and tried finding any info.
Only relevant piece of data was pertaining to Coral Bleaching, Which is not
An Issue in Cold water species.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada are the permitting department. It sounds like you would need a scientific collection permit - unless you are planning to sell them. Once you are here, go into the DFO office and ask about collection permits.

Also, unless you have completely self-contained aquaria, you will likely need to jump through Environment Canada hoops as well…things like assessments of discharge water.

Have you talked to the folks at the Biotoxin and water quality office? It’s in the Skeena Queen Charlotte Regional District Office - they might be able to direct you to some resources or give the Fishermen’s Union a call?

WWF is an environmental NON-Govt organization - they have nothing to do with permitting - though they may know what hoops you need to jump through. I think that may be why someone recommended you ask them.

The Biotoxin society is an excellent idea for information about what permits are required for things like transplanting species. Also, for legislation re: edible invertebrates (collecting, transplanting, processing, growing, etc).

thanks erika i thought of you but did not remember your posting name, i knew you would have answers.

Very Enlightening.
Thanks for all the feedback.
It was much needed.
Yes i think inquiry into a Scientific collections permit is in order.
And to answer Erika R■s Question Yes, I Have Self Contained Systems.
I Also have plans for building a Series of Culturing tanks tied into one self contained system.  The Actual Purposes for These are Not Entirely Scientific though.
For the most part these are Display Systems, I also have another System in the works for the purpose of Propagating certain corallimorpharians. This system is intended to produce Sellable livestock for the Aquarium trade.

Will your specimens be crossing a border?
Will they inhabit another ecosystem?
If staying domestic call a fisheries biologist.

They are intended to Remain domestic yes.

check out WAPPRITA
Wild Animal & Plant Protection & Regulation of International and INTERPROVINCIAL Trade Act.

Okay this is quite good.
More informative then any previous info thus far.
There Is a Rather comprehensive list, but It pertains directly to CITES
And not WAPPRITA.  Theres allot of content here though.
I know some people who have Permits for Import of marine livestock.
i should ask him too.