Wii / PS3 Pre-orders

So it’s that time of season… EBGames pre-orders on both consoles have taken place. I havn’t payed much attention to the Wii, but it sounds cheap and fun, like the silly Apple vs PC commercial predicts. The best part in my oppinion being the ability to download any previous Nintendo game through the online service. The PS3 is insane from what I have read. 1080p, blueray/wifi and bluetooth come standard aswell as an xbox live type of service FREE forever. With only 8 or so systems available for pre-order this morning, per store, per household, they went fast. Who grabbed one?

Here is some Gran Turismo HD eye candy. Unbelievable! My computer can’t even compete. I suppose a 720P or better display would be a must…

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Time to build a dual core 4gighz machine with 2 gigs of ram :smile:

Im all wii.  Ps3 can wait.  Youtube.com wii footage

No PS3 for me.  Not at that price, and not with the Sony DRM hell that ships with it.

I’ll be getting a WII, though, just 'cause I’m so addicted to this DS Lite.

I so want to play Gran Turismo HD.

That still wouldn’t compare, and at what cost?

No PS3 for me.  Not at that price, and not with the Sony DRM hell that ships with it.[/quote]

At $659, for the premium model, I consider it a bargain compared to the Xbox360. I thought you had an Xbox 360… no? What’s this about Sony DRM hell?

ill never buy another sony product after having a mindisc player…

Yeah, I haven’t used my Sony MD player in probably over 3-4 years, and it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

mine left a dent in the floor…

Awesome! I admit I was standing in the snow, hours before EBgames was open yesterday to ensure I reserved myself a console. I was 3rd in line and 4th and 5th came from Dawson Creek. Other than my Gamecube which I traded in for the PS3, I havn’t owned any other console. My PSP is something I use every day, on the road or not. I would be suprised if the PS3 was a let down. Hell, even if it was I could probably Ebay it for more than I paid :smile:

Mike and I spent a couple hours playing Xbox360 Perfect Dark Zero on his Sanyo 106" HD projector/7.1 surround last night. It was insanely cool. Imagine Gran Turismo HD or Call of Duty 3… Yikes!

I’m not feeling a lot of love for PS3 in here at the moment. I have always had decent Sony products. MD players in general were a joke. I doubt you would have enjoyed a Panasonic or whatever any better. I’ll let you know on the 17th how it is.

Ps2  can do HD, you just have to unlock it

I love my ps2, i have a modchip that cost me 60 ish dollars and i get every game for free, i can even emulate off it.  Xbox 360 just looks like a xbox to me, i didnt see any dif in the games.


With PS3 launch tomorrow, I’m considering another morning of waiting outside in the snow for a console… I already have the one pre-ordered and ready for pickup tomorrow, but having an extra to sell on Ebay would be excellent. Resistence: Fall of Man looks great, though COD3 for Xbox360 IS great.

A friend of a friend flipped a pre-ordered PS3 on eBay for $2400ish.

Yeah, they were going for about 2700 or so last time I looked. So far, I think the PS3 sucks, and I might also attempt to sell it on Ebay. Maybe closer to Xmas though. When do you think the optimal time to sell would be?

Sell asap :d that way you don’t loose out :smile:  they do suck it’s just a stupid toy, better graphix on a pc and half the cost to. :smiley:

I’d hang on to it, give it some time, have some fun with it… in another few months, there should be more games and shit…

And I mean, c’mon, White Knight Story?

I paid $659 for my Premium model… The base is $500 or something. How can a $250-325 dollar computer have better graphics than a machine solely built for  gaming and multimedia? It’s got an 8 core cell processor, 512MB memory and 60GB drive, with wi-fi, card readers, blue-ray drive and free online servers… Seriously, I’m not a fan of the PS3 so far, but no computer can compete with the value of this thing.

Even my AIW X800XT/Core2Duo system would be brought to its knees at 1920x1080p resolution, and it’s worth a fair bit more than $325!

Prices on ebay are down around a grand now, I’m curious what will happen… I still havn’t picked up an HDMI cable, so I’m running at 480i or soemthing. It looks nasty, I refuse to use it.

But I’m in Edson for the next few days doing some serious jobs for Husky, so screw the PS3!