Wii play

Anyone here have the wii, I just bought one and I love it, as an adult I thought it would be childish but really it’s for all young and old. Some games are disappointing like farcry the graphics suck big time but the interactive aspect is great. Plus it plays games from Nintendo game cube.

I think porting a game like Farcry to the Wii was a stupid move. That was one of the most visually intensive games made and they port it over to a game system that has very little graphics power. I think the Wii is a great system, but it’s yet to really prove itself. It’s common knowledge that pretty much all of the game development companies ignored the Wii and didn’t develop for it. Then it took off big time and they are all playing catch up. I’ve even read articles where developers wish they had payed attention to the Wii instead of dumping all their resources into the PS3.

Right now almost all the games you’re seeing for the Wii have been developed by Nintendo in house or are quickie ports like Farcry. Once you start to see games developed specifically for the Wii then it will really come into it’s own. It’s takes about a year for a console game to go from development to release so we should start seeing a bunch of excellent games for the Wii release in time for Christmas.

BTW I don’t own a Wii… but part of me wants one. I think it’s high time game developers realized that a good game is not just one that has the latest graphics. It has to be fun too. Nintendo always provides the fun.

I own a wii and love it, we have games night friday and our friends love playing it, more so then the arcade I have. yes farcry is not a good game, but tony hawk is awsome wii games is fun, I need to rent some more anyone have sujestions?

I think the Wii is a great system, but it’s yet to really prove itself. [/quote]

How about being the best selling console, despite shortages, and despite Microsoft having a head start of more than a year?


Nintendo is king again, and if you look at sales of the Wii and the DS, they’re rolling in the money.  Remember that for every console Sony or Microsoft sells, they lose money.  Those companies depend on game sale kickbacks to make money, and sell their consoles below cost.  Nintendo doesn’t.

Nintendo makes games that are fun.  It doesn’t have to have awesome graphics to be fun.  In fact, if you believe in the Uncanny Valley, great graphics isn’t always a positive thing.

I’d say the Wii have proven itself, and then some.

I went to an arcarde, and they suck now.  Its a loonie per game now.  They are
all interactive.

I’d say the Wii have proven itself, and then some.[/quote]

I won’t disagree with you, from a sales standpoint. What I’ve been hearing from a lot of people that have owned a Wii for a while though is that while they played the crap out of it at first not it’s just sitting there. The simple fact is there just aren’t a lot of games out for it yet and those that are were created in-house. In my opinion the Wii will really prove itself when the third party game developers jump fully on-board and start developing games that take advantage on the Wii’s unique strength’s.

Once that happens, the Wii will truly be unbeatable.

Good to hear that people like the Wii.

It’s on the Christmas list for the family.

Games suggestions? I have a 13 years old girl and a 9 years old boy and I’m a 40-plus-years-old-wants-to-get-back-into-computer-games adult!
We already have a game cube with a few games so it’s good that we’ll be able to continue playing them on the wii. 

We might go all out and buy the wheell device and other add-ons as well.

Tony Hawk is good, so is excite truck, wii sports, wii boogie thats all i played so far 

I Like the whole downloading nintendo and super nintendo games on it and playing them.
I know you can do that with emulation, but its a pain to setup to have it on your tv.

not realy billy there is some easy ways of doing it, I have every SNES, Super nes, N64 game available on my arcade. it took abit of time but its been running good for a few years…

I like laying on the couch and playing.  I use to have a setup where I would run rca cables from one room 20 feet in the other and have wireless controllers.