Wich Is Better Rogers Or Citywest?

I Wanna Get A Blackberry But Not Too Sure Wich Carrier I Should Go With Lol I Know Rogers Goes Down Alot Still Anyone Think They Can Point Me In Right Direction Please :stuck_out_tongue:

I use Rogers and from what I’ve seen on this forum, CityWest appears to go down more frequently than does Rogers. Whenever someone mentions that their phone is down and that they are a CityWest customer I still have service, so I’m not sure that your research is up to date on that issue.

if u go to Telus in Terrace they will give you a Port Ed number the 778-884 number and it works here awesome no long distance to call anyone in Rupert and they have great service I have never had a problem with there system being down

Seriously, is CityWest still offering ancient smartphones from the last decade?

citywest.ca/prince_rupert/ce … martphones

Blackberry Curve have since updated from the 8500 series ages ago. lol

lol there is the world but not sure how good that one is either haha i was lookin at the curve n liked it but still kinda debating on price range too haha cant remember how much it was for a unli text and data plan at rogers but i can get that for 30$ @ citywest along with fav 5 for 7$

Does Citywest have HSPA phones, or are they still using CDMA? Can you get a Nokia phone on Citywest? Or an iPhone? Or a newer Blackberry?

If not, then your choice should really be Bell, Telus or Rogers. Don’t even consider Citywest. Rogers seems to have more towers in Rupert, but check coverage near you (and in your house first).

If you’re only a casual user, then just get a SpeakOut phone from 7-11. Cheapest by far, and no contract. And it’s on the Rogers network. They have texting, long distance and data bundles now too, and you can top up online.

I have an iPhone on Telus, my wife’s is on Rogers, and I have another one (my backup!) on SpeakOut. All work great in Rupert.

Edit: I see Citywest is selling the Palm Pre! Funny! Oh wait, a Treo! Wow.

I realy like the 7 11 speakout, the wife and I have our iphones on it, iphone 3 and iphone 4, the plans are great, for 35.00 you get 200 Minutes + Unlimited Browsing & Texting. I had rogers and citywest but found the plans to much for our family.

And that’s free long distance anywhere in Canada on those minutes. Great deal.

I’ve been told that there is an area on the east side of town that doesnt get telus service, in the seal cove area. Can someone tell me if this is correct?? I looked at the coverage map but I cant tell if my house has service or not…

I have adequate coverage with my Rogers cell in the Pineridge area and excellent coverage just about everywhere else. I had a CityWest cell two years ago. Poor connectivity. Rogers gets my vote.

Where Can You Tell Where You Can Get Best Service?

anyone know where best place for blackberry service is? what carrier that is

I think the Rogers network is the best.

oh hands down Rogers is so much better than city west…

I like my speak out phone those new bundles are great… I now get 300 anytime minutes to anywhere in Canada or US + unlimited texting for $30.
Beat that Shitty West…

Since speakout is using Rogers network is it’s data 3G? Or edge still

3G my friend…