Rather sad and obviously needed report on what happened to Mr. Dziekanski, I feel sorry for his mother. I do still hold the RCMP in high regard, as well as all frontline workers. But they used excessive force,clearly.

Not just excessive force, but also very unprofessional.

They should be expelled from force as they gave the RCMP a bad name (especially the one who got caught drinking and driving twice), and feeding the sensational negativity of Canada’s law enforcements.

During my years on the frontline , I have come across some Real Young John Waynes who were going to clean up this town. One I remember who had a real bad attitude about non practising addicts and he figured they should be locked up for life or shot , I did report him knowing I may need his help somewhere in town and we did get it straight going through the proper channels.But yes the RCMP members who have put in their time and took the time to know the community and not just the crimes I do respect. People like staff Sgt. Vardy and Chief Inspector Bob we are lucky to have them on or in our community.