Why I will be voting against the Conservative Party

Im with you MiG. Shrub scares me!

Cullen gets my vote when Harper dissolves parliament, it is time to send Harper packing.

Nathan is the man for this here area, he has always taken time to meet with me regarding certain issues, he even has a good staff rep here I hear.

This seems to play well north of the border as well.

cbc.ca/canada/story/2008/09/ … llick.html

What no mention of their crime bill? NAU (SPP)? oh the millions of reasons not to vote for them.

The main one for me being the fact something about harper makes me want to smash his face into the concrete kinda like gordon campbell.

You must learn to channel all that negative Jesus

I like the Conservative Party TV advertisement.

If you watch it goes, 3 white guys, 1 white girl, 2 white guys, same white girl with additional white person, 2 white guys, 1 asian lady and wraps up with 1 more white guy and then Steven Harper.  I always make the racial people count when I watch; also I can’t quote a single line that is said.

This is why I will be voting Conservative.


I keep seeing that commercial on the Discovery Channel, and a little part of me dies inside every time.

Top 10 reasons not to vote for Harper

  1. Income trusts
  2. Tony Clements battle against insite
  3. Funding for the arts… not
  4. Change of mission in Afganistan
  5. Softwood lumber capitulation
  6. The Chuck Caddman affair
  7. The constituency advertising in and out
  8. Loosening of food inspection regulations
  9. The Bernier embarrassment
  10. Supported the war in Iraq while in opostion
  11. Inability to stand up for Canadians accused of crimes away from home
  12. Denial of global warming
    Oh wait…I was going to stop at 10,

Being Discovery Channel it plays again and again and again and again…

I like the first time voter who’s going to vote for Harper. Don’t ask her to explain why…
because I want my friend to be PUNISHED for smoking a doob
because I want my friends JAILED if they grow one plant
because I don’t want my friends JUDGED should they get in trouble, I want the PUNISHED by mandate instead.
because I don’t deserve a decent job at a decent rate of pay.
etc… etc…

Without getting into the issues I have 2 reasons to vote Conservative.

  1. For the 1st time in recent memory we could have a representative of the party in power as our MP.

  2. Harper has shown more interest in supporting the West than any of his recent predecessors.  Another PM from Quebec will do nothing for us.  And no, Jack Layton will not get elected as PM.  Electing Cullen will do absolutely nothing for us.

Cullen will be difficult to beat, he is a popular MP.  I am philosophically opposed to the Conservatives.

I will be voting for the party that looks strong enough to oust harper.

"Supporting the West"
neo-con jingoism at it’s best.

  • Yapping like Bush’s pet lap dog, sabotaging China trade efforts
  • double-crossing over 80% of the voters in the Emerson affair
  • misleading the public that the Gateway Project and Port were Conservative ideas
  • Dick Harris: as the towns in his constituency die, reminds them of ow important it is not to offend Americans with an apputenance clause
  • Jay Hill: informs a UNBC staffer that EI extensions would involve altering the Act which is not do-able, his hands are tied. Can’t do his job, eh? Or doesn’t know what it is?
  • seen any improvements to the road to PG? Or on the road from PG to Vancouver? Ontario got millions…
  • the GVRD intends to twin the Port Mann. And charge tolls, and squeaks from the Tories about charging tolls on the Trans Canada Highway?

Shall I go on?
Who will be the Tory nominee? Will it be the same smug, deceitful twat as last time, the ex Reform who’s name I forced myself to forget after our last town hall meet?

-Defending our Arctic from the US is hardly being Bush’s lap dog. 
-Communities in Dick Harris’ riding were dying under the fomer Liberal government as well.    Communities in Nathan Cullen’s riding aren’t doing any better.
-The Gateway project was obviously not a Conservative idea but they have shown a commitment to developing this area.  Harper has visited our region twice in two years.  When was the last time a PM or PM candidate visited here at all? The Conservatives saved Ridley Terminals in our community and it has flourished.

cbc.ca/canada/british-columb … 60207.html

The Tory nominee for the Skeena riding will be Houston Mayor Sharon Smith.

I do not agree with some of the antics that have occured but like I said before, another PM from Quebec will not do anything for us.  After finally electing a PM from the West who is well aware of Western issues many of you want to toss him out wit the trash so quickly.  Given the chance, in time I’m confident that he will do well for us.

No way is that worth Bill C-61.

So if the Harper Mob appointed the Mayor of Houston Sharon Smith well then we can really count on a system like the Republics and we could have our own no name woman like the Gov of Alaska

I don’t see Bill C-61 as a big problem.  Really, something has to be put in place to protect the rights of those who develop and produce the material that is being copied.  We have all been getting a free ride in that respect as far as I’m concerned.