Why does the news media care that we have rats?

Seriously… It keeps popping up in my Google alert on Prince Rupert. Paper after paper has carried the story of Prince Rupert’s rat problem. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!? Why do they care that a tiny little town at the end of the road has rats. If you gathered up every rat in town they wouldn’t amount to the number in an average downtown city block in a big city. Who the hell makes this stuff news?


What’s next?

Breaking News Better than average rainfall in Prince Rupert. Sales of raingear skyrocket!


Well no one has been murdered, found dead, or arrested lately.  I guess it’s been a slow month for the media… so lets talk about rats!

they dont “care” about the rat thing…they just need a story to make money. thats how it works. they dont need a good story because they can easily get by with a story about rats! oh…wait…they did didnt they… damnit

It’s just like yesterday when the paper put out port news from “court documents obtained by the Daily News,” when that info has been out for over three months! Next, they’ll be telling us about some hurricane that devastated New Orleans.

Effing newbs. Worst paper ever.

HAH!!! That will NEVER happen to New Orleans! are you stupid?!