Why does Rupert look so run down?

We pay some of the highest property tax in North America, and our city looks like shit!

A lot of that is owing to the attitudes of people that live here, a lot of folks don’t seem to care too much about what their property looks like, or seem to have much respect for other people’s property for that matter.

No amount of taxation can change an attitude like that.

where do you live ? i wanna see if your house is run down

You said it, there are houses that look disgusting, and yards that look like garbage dumps…

High property taxes means less money for beautification, not more.

A lot of people in this town just don’t take pride in their homes or yards.  It’s pretty disgusting.

It’s not just the houses, a lot of the businesses here look pretty horrible too.  For instance, the McDonalds is probably the dirtiest, oldest, and ugliest McDonalds that I’ve ever seen – and trust me, I’ve been to a lot of McDonalds.  You think McDonald’s head office would be ashamed of it and make it mandatory to upgrade the place.

Not only is our McDonald’s one of the worst looking it is one of the slowest I have ever eaten at, and I too have been through alot of McDonald’s.

I find it kind of funny actually that most people dont’ bitch all that much about mc donalds. But we take the time to bash and put down our locally owned eateries. Mcdonalds is a franchise, and honestly, this mcdonalds should be ashamed.

It opened in 1986 I think and they have not spent a dime on the place ever since…
It’s a dump of a McDonalds…

Everyone on here bashes every business in town, nothings good enough for them.  Should kick them all out and get people who will actually do something about it

So many people rent here, so with absentee landlords not much gets done on the outside. 

Even if a person does rent, would they not be ashamed to live in a dump?

If a dump is all you can afford, that’s what you live in.  :wink:

And since people are lazy, most do not care.

I know the houses are in need of attention however, I am wondering why the civic center looks so bad, why the street light that blew over on the five corners two months ago hasn’t been put back up, why are all of the handrails paint chipped and faded, what about all of the garbage around down town.

We deserve better, we pay for it!

civic centre looks great for its age what can you do besides a full overhaul?
does the light fall under the highways responsibilty or the city.? handrails im sure is a huge ongoing cost with the rain

my house and yard look nice, but it is depressing when the neighbors don’t do anything to maintain their place that they rent out - and I live in a highly taxed area of town.

I took this photo the other day of down town it sure is run down… :imp:

Hey good one! Is that Jack Mussalum I see hanging out the window?   :smiley:

cool pic what program u use for that lol

Prince Rupert is a community of WWI houses that have not been painted since WWII  :imp: