Why does my tech guy hate MAndrake?

while I was gone, my techie had some problems with Mandrake’s pkg handling and wiped my new server to try gentoo. It wouldn’t recognize the network card. So the server’s down again, and he convinced me to let him set it up with fedora tomorrow.

??I always heard Madrake was the redhat that worked!

Your tech just hates Europeans. Mandrake started as just Red Hat with European language support, but it stopped being that long ago.

Or he’s a gnome gjunkie or something.

Also, I gotta say this server is the most stable I’ve had in a long time, and it was a reject computer. Which is weird. It’s also Mandrake 9.2 (not 10). Longest uptime I’ve ever had.

That sounded like a viagra commercial.

He said he had nothing but errors compiling stuff. I had no trouble with 10 for the whole month I got to use it. But Fedora’s close I guess. I don’t know what I’ll lose with Fedora that I had with Mandrake.

maybe a bad experiance… Garry Hannes uses mandrake and he installes it perfectly he likes it better than windows too… Once yor Hooked your Hooked…

Yeah I guess it’s personal preference. I used Mandrake 6 a lot and I really liked 10. I installed several packages without a problem but Brock informs me that Mandrake is ‘weak’ at that. I guess fedora has YUM? that installs packages and all the updates at once.

Ekk YUM should work on Mandrake as well…