Why buy HTMF

The more obvious question should be: What interest does a person from Burnsville, North Carolina have in dealing with a Website located across the continent…i.e. Prince Rupert?

Ad revenue in the future I guess, probably not much there now but if he owns a number of sites he may be using volume sales perhaps.

Nah, not really.  If you knew how I know this guy, you’d understand.  I spent a summer in North Carolina a few years back.  Have the speeding tickets to prove it!

[size=9]…[/size] @ BackAtIt =.=

When I first read about HTMF being sold, Peter Pocklington and the selling away of Wayne Gretzky came to mind and I must admit that the whole thing made me a bit sick to the stomach.

Hmm so who is playing Janet Jones then in your Gretzky themed sell off?

I’ve already had one internet sleuth who sent me a photo from my own website and asked “is that the guy who now owns HTMF?”  Heh.  So there you go, it’s not such a mystery if you know me personally.  If this person can figure out the connection, then anybody else should be able to as well.

Anyway, this is all moot.  I don’t think much will change on HTMF, though I think he’ll be merging some stuff soon.  

What do you mean by that…Podunkian?

Uh, some folks (mostly in Edmonton) think that it was Janet Jones that urged the young naive Wayne to forsake his homeland…  Pick up Stephen Brunt’s book Gretzky’s Tears, it’s a great review of those sad sad times in Oiler land.

Mig was a local and he understood local matters personally…I really can’t see it being quite the same.  A bit like when the Montreal Canadian got sold to an outsider…eventually the Molson Family had to buy it back because many people had lost their allegiance to the team.

Well as he said he doesn’t think that it’s going to change that much.

Mig didn’t start every thread, nor participate in all of them either.

Maybe hold back until you see how things work out, maybe you’re right, maybe you’ll be wrong, time will tell I guess.

I’m still a local.  And so are the others on this forum.

What if instead of hosting in my basement, I had taken Podunkian’s route and just hosted it on a free service like Blogger or something similar?  It would have had the same effect as selling the site to someone else – it’s not my site.

If you have a problem with A Town Called Podunk, for example, you don’t call the guy up at home and yell at him, do you?  If you have a legal complaint, you get your lawyer to send a letter to Google, which owns Blogger and Blogspot.  But other than that, not much you can do.

Same thing with HTMF now.  Have a problem with the site?  


Other than that, I don’t think much will change.

Well to be fair, I do start every thread, and I do post about 90% of the posts on here.

No, not really.

The latest complaint was yesterday, by the way, about a thread I didn’t even know existed.  I didn’t return the phone call. 

Guy? Gal? it? Bot? Shhh I don’t respond well to yelling.

We have always felt that Mig was an integral part of HTMF and we always knew that he was in the backgroung somewhat, not that we needed a coach but we understood him as being “FAMILY”

I’m not going anywhere.  But honestly, I’d say that hitest does a lot of the admin work.  And before him BigThumb and TrancendingRationality did a lot of stuff too.  And the group of moderators do a lot to keep the site running as well. 

A lot of the ideas behind HTMF (the name, the forum, the wasteland, rules and conventions and stuff) didn’t come from me at all, but from some of the other admins and moderators. 

However, I do agree with you MIG about the strain of persistant harassment as you explained earlier on.  We also understand that you have a young family and that they  need your time and attention.  I personnally wish you the best that life has to offer.  You will always be in our thoughts.

He’s not going anywhere and he’s not dieing. Why are people talking about him like he is?

In lieu of flowers, please send cash.

kopeks of course!