Whos gonna win the super bowl?

Who do you thinks gonna win?

OH SHIT the super bowl!

watch your language young man!

It’s not nice to describe your dad’s head that way!

We’ll i must say, once the Patriots we’re up 24-14 i was like SHIT! but i never lost hope on the eagles… then that nice long bomb touchdown that they got was amazing but last 30 seconds they couldn’t even get the FG, Good game none the less

Good Ole OWENS fuck he rocks! hehe


It’s not nice to describe your dad’s head that way![/quote]

Nice… :laughing:

By the amount of replies to this topic, it doesnt seem like all that many people even cared about it.hah ah I thought this years game was pretty slow… I have to say i missed the"costume malfunctions" of last years. Loved the half time. A little to "american big pig for my liking. Leave it to the americans to fly flighter jets over the field… SERIOUSLY!

I like how the Patriots got 3 more votes AFTER the game was already over.