Who's going to pay?

While the NDP continue to ring up millions in spending announcements every day, the question has to be asked “how will it be paid?” Initially it will be the tax hikes on corporations and the “wealthy” says Dix, but that isn’t going to last. If the NDP continues down the road road of pandering to the 'Big Eco’s" and union elite, there will be a relative decline in business and investment.

Adrian Dix outright lied to us about giving Kinder Morgan the opportunity to present its plan for the Trans Mountain pipeline project, and now he has done an about face. Will he knuckle under to the natural gas drilling too? We don’t know.

Historically, the NDP has at least been friendly to the trades unions, but that too is gone. Eco fanatics and elitist unions have the influence.

But who will pay?

if you are single and hard working you will pay.

yeah because Campbell said 12 years ago that he was going to make it law to balance budgets or hold each minister accountable. So how is that working out? Got huge debt and sold off assets along the way, so it will be the same people who paid for the Liberals crap.

Who has been paying for the last 12 years?

The driving force of the economy is and will continue to be natural resources. If we cut that out, we will be in trouble.

I don’t disagree that spending has been out of control under the Liberals too, but the difference I see is this; We spent on big projects like Sea to Sky highway, Port Mann, Transit etc., all these things helped with employment during tough times. Dix wants to go further in debt spending on daycare, education, etc.

To recap, more debt, no real jobs created to at least show something for your reckless spending, AND start cutting out the real economic driver in the province while discouraging further investment by raising taxes.

How much debt did the Liberals add to the province?

The private sector (you know the ones who ALWAYS fit the bill no matter who is in power)…the backbone of this province. The backbone that the BC NDP feel deserves higher taxes to fund his kickbacks to the public sector unions and environmentalist.

Dix is on a reckless spending spree already…I cannot imagine what BC will look like after he is done in 4 years.

So BC has a balanced budget and a surplus? And no debt?

They have tabled a balance budget recently and yes there is debt, I am not blind to that fact.

They also have a good plan to get the province out of debt…one that does not involve taxing the shit outta the hand that feeds you.

Is it the same plan they had 12 years ago when they made the same promises (even promised to make it a law!), but added how many billions in debt instead?

What about the NDP plans to run DEFICIT budgets for the next 3 years straight…where do they think this money is coming from?

Oh right, lets tax the shit outta corporations who INVEST in this province and employ over half the workforce. Also taxing credit unions…that’s just insane.

They added 11 billion in debt. Not exactly a stellar performance for a so called fiscally conservative government. Before anyone says I’m defending the NDP let me say that I am not. I think the NDP has a better platform than the Liberals, but I’m not voting for the NDP this time around. I cannot support our local NDP candidate. I’m voting Green this election. This has not been an easy decision for me as I’ve voted for the NDP my entire voting life (I posted previously that I would vote strategically for the NDP). I think it is likely that Dix will win and I think that will be a good thing. I also think that Rice may win the North Coast.

Well I’ve been running a business under the Liberals for all these years and making so little I pay almost no tax.
I guess it will have to be YOU crazyhorse.

What you left wingers forget is the MELTDOWN of the global economy under the Liberal watch…can any of you think what would have happened if the tax and spend NDP was in charge?They could not do a pissup in a brewery when things were going great!At least the deficit was from putting people to work,even union people(gag) and we got alot for the dollars spent.I am not a fan of the Liberals either but they are saints compared to DIX-HEAD!

I think everyone would agree that it is imperative that BC grows economically. With a population that is growing and aging, the demand on government for health, education, infrastructure etc. is enormous, and just sitting still or going backward is not an option. But the problem is, for a province with tremendous resources and access to trade routes (via ports and railways), we are becoming dangerously NIMBY.

Oil pipelines, new mines, natural gas hydraulic fracturing, natural gas power plants, dams, coal ports, logging, wind farms, tidal power generators, the list is endless. All of these initiatives have strong opposition and it is becoming fashionable to join the ranks of the “No Way” crowd. But it simply isn’t an option.
It used to be that the business community would back a right wing party and labour would back the left. But that landscape has changed. Adrian Dix sees a huge potential in the “green” crowd, so he is wooing them with promises of green. But what about the trade unions and construction workers and loggers and miners who would benefit from these projects? The NDP still have the public service unions, the ones that make a very nice living off of our taxes, with benefits and pensions most people can only dream of, and of course those positions are in no jeopardy (a tax hike will take care of that). So they take care of this new “elite” class of people, promise the poor some money and tell the environmentalists what they want to hear.

Now, the Green party at least tells you straight up what they are all about. And thankfully they will never form government, but at least we know exactly where they stand.
The BC Liberals, while pretty careless at the money trough recently, at least have a track record of fostering economic growth.
The Conservatives would probably be best suited to guide the province out of debt, but they have about as much chance as the Greens.

If we elect and NDP government, are they going to;
a) Turn against their green supporters and participate in economic growth, or
b) Turn us into Greece.

Someone has to pay, who will it be?

[quote=“herbie_popnecker”]Well I’ve been running a business under the Liberals for all these years and making so little I pay almost no tax.
I guess it will have to be YOU crazyhorse.[/quote]

And what will the NDP do for you that he Liberals aren’t?

[quote=“crazy Horse”]

[quote=“herbie_popnecker”]Well I’ve been running a business under the Liberals for all these years and making so little I pay almost no tax.
I guess it will have to be YOU crazyhorse.[/quote]

And what will the NDP do for you that he Liberals aren’t?[/quote]

Give us a kiss before they screw us royally?

All this talk about oil pipelines and LNG terminals is just a smokescreen. Meanwhile, Ridley and Westshore Terminals just doubled their capacity to ship the dirtiest fossil fuel, coal.

Get ready to take a big one.

vancouversun.com/business/co … story.html

those terminals employ ppl making a good wage, if countries want our resources damn right we should ship it to them, where do you think the money for health care, education and transportation come from? last time I checked it was from the resource sector. when resource sector does poorly the money the government takes in goes down when resource sector does good money for government goes up. very simple to see why we need a healthy and expanding resource sector.

I’m tired of paying CityWest money and not getting my money’s worth. We pay over $200 a month for poor internet, cable wherer you can’t even receive all the HD channels, cell phones service that is prehistoric. The only reason I have stuck with them is because its just one bill. But that’s almost not enough anymore for me to justify sticking with them after all the bull shit going on between them and the City.

I have cellular service with Rogers and satellite TV with Shaw. I automatically pay these bills with my credit card which is no effort at all. Perhaps you should go to Rogers or another provider if you’re not happy with the service you receive.