Who should the New City Manager be

Ok since Howie is on way out this year who do ppl think his replacement should be? I hear Mayor stash would like it be Rodin
but I think there might be other ppl that might be better any input into this? or should there be a poll

I most certainly could use that job , I will take a quarter of what he takes home now . I have 147 ties to choose from and I wore jeans when I sat in council chamber before .

There is only ONE person for this job, someone with vision and positive attributes ready to lead us out of the financial abyss, and it would be a parallel move perhaps even a reduction in salary.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome City Manager Ajaye!

After 35 years working for the city and not been given any chance not even once for advancement,im sorry
to say there is a very high possiablity i will be leaveing in the new year i hope the new manger all the best
and hope some poor soul dosnt have to go through what i have working for the city of prince rupert.