Who is this hosh q guy?


Are you Hoshq?

Due to your methods, your message is so convoluted that it is difficult to decipher what you are trying to convey.

Commas. Use them.


Some guy who used to post here quite a while back. He liked to post opinions but instead of being able to back them up, when challenged he would just try to shift the topic instead. Mig would always call him out for it.

I think he was a photographer or something, but frankly I never thought he was that good. For a professional I actually thought most of his pictures were pretty bad.

Is Hoshq the guy that left his expensive camera gear on the roof of his car and then drove off? 

Really? What an idiot!

No, I think he’s the one who had his expensive camera gear stolen in South America.

ya I remember reading about that too… funny stuff

He’s got a blog: hoshq.com

For some reason, he thinks that what he writes is of interest to others.  But when he isn’t talking about himself, he fishes ideas from the net and often regurgitates them as his own. 

Check out his piece on the Pirates of the Caribbeans.  Here’s what he wrote at the start.

[quote]I’ve had a revelation: Pirates of the Caribbean is a ripoff of the original Star Wars trilogy!
It’s really the transition between the second and third movies which made me realize it. Think about this.[/quote]

Then he goes on about the similarities.  Sounds well thought out.  But, it’s not really original.  See for yourself :
http://www.slashfilm.com/article.php/20060708194909798(check the date)

Good catch. Looks like he hasn’t changed any. Sad really.

Was he on HTMF in the past?  Why did he leave?

I just visited his blog and I also noticed his revelation.  Then I googled a bit:

google.com/search?q=pirates+ … +star+wars

Agreed.  He seems a bit full of himself.

I was going to comment on his blog, but there’s no place to write comments on his site.

Maybe someone left discouraging words there before?