White House projects record deficit for 2009 (political post)

Weird. The GOP historically defined itself as a fiscally responsible party…they’ve always blasted the Democrats for being too loose with the purse strings.  Times sure have changed. :smile:

President Bush inherited a budget surplus of $128 billion when he took office in 2001 but has since posted a budget deficit every year.

The Bush administration has spent heavily on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and faces a large budget shortfall in tax revenue because of Bush’s tax cuts and a souring economy.

A Democratic point man on the budget, Sen. Kent Conrad of North Dakota, blasted the administration for its “reckless fiscal policies,” blaming the president’s tax cuts for driving the government into deficit and saying Bush “will be remembered as the most fiscally irresponsible president in our nation’s history.”


That’s what happens when you don’t get a BJ now and then. You get all hung up on one stupid thing and forget why you’re sitting in the President’s chair! :smiley:

Rafe Mair Whistling Past the Graveyard (on US investments)

LMAO…classic.  QFT.

Whoa…that article by Rafe is chilling. :astonished:  Scary stuff indeed!

Something from the Tyee
Is Obama Good for Canada

I especially liked the comment of seniors taking hope from FDR during the Depression while our own useless PMs fumbled and stalled
That’s my fear. They’ll elect Obama, and we’ll do something stupid like re-elect Harper.

Agreed.  I’m afraid of that as well.  We need a stronger Liberal party leader to take on Harper!  I don’t like the Liberals, but, I’d rather have them in power than Harper.  Layton, my party leader, has as much chance of being elected PM as I do.