Why is it that every time I am uptown I hear someone whistle? I don’t mean a quiet whistle from someone walking by I mean a complete “2 finger” whistle which I can hear from a few blocks away. Am I missing something? Is their some kind of sercret code within these people that whistle? It is driving me insane everytime I hear this. I cannot go a day without hearing someone whistle, so can somebody please tell me the point behind this annoying noise. Thank you.

I’ve noticed, that whistling is how some of the local folk get their friends attention. I’ve never understood it myself. But I quite agree with you, it’s rather annoying.

I am so glad i am not the only one that finds this annoying, need to figure out how to stop it

ahaha Good luck stopping it I dont think it will happen, and I’m not saying its me or my friends doing the whistling either, just saying have fun and good luck :stuck_out_tongue:

But WHY all the whistling? Why do people need to pollute the air with needless noise? And they insist on it. Talk to the person later, that’s what phones were invented for. Is it imparative to whistle down every friend you see? Makes no sense.

well they’re kids aha there lazy to use a pay phone downtown and they spend there money on cigarettes, its like why would I call ONE friend when I can call like 5 or 6 of them and save my money for smokes?  :confused: pretty genius way of calling my friends if you ask me  :smiley:

oh yeah these kids like annoying the hell out of people as you may have already noticed…its a game for them  :stuck_out_tongue:

its just whistling… deal with it, there not going to stop either way.

What part of town?

usually downtown :astonished:

:smiley:  GDRLH  :smiley:

Well Trex, if it makes you feel any better, it’s far worse of a problem in Smithers. I noticed last time I was visiting my aunt. A whistle every minute it seemed. :unamused:

This is what kids do when they can’t text or IM each other.  They have to whistle.

Be thankful they’re not using carrier pigeons.  (see RFC 1149 or RFC 2549)

When I was a kid, and had wandered too far away from my step-mother in a public place, she’d whistle, and had me trained to say “Cracker” in response.  Pretty sick eh?  Anyway, this thread reminded me of that.  (Thanks a lot guys, I hate my step mother!!!  now I’m going to go sob in a corner! :wink:)


who’s a cracker lmao :smiley:

Solution:  IPOD…MP3 Player.  :unamused:

I whistle at my kids all the time in the swimming pool.  They know my whistle and look immedialty in my direction.  Then the silent communication works, like some hand signals or head nods.
I find it mostly downtown done by first nation youths.  And its consistant and annoying.

Back in the day my dad used one of those real shrill whistles, like a sports whistle, 3 whistles and you’d better be coming round the corner on the 3rd if you knew what was good for you.  Only dad in the neighbourhood who whistled his kids home, damned embarrassing when you’re 13.

I prefer screaming at somebody over whistling at them any day.

As long as you don’t still say cracker when you’re whistled at. Although that would be slightly amusing for a few minutes.