Which candidates for city council?

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How does this work:


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I think Eccentric does make an important point that leads to the question: “If your mind is OPEN; then why is it already made-up?”

However, this question above has a built-in assumption attached to it - that is - that people currently have no real personal experience with any of the candidates, and are looking to the all candidates forum for their information on which to base how they will vote.  This is likely an invalid assumption for most people.

In a small town like Rupert - it is unrealistic to assume that many voters do not already have substantial experience with many of the candidates running for council and that they necessarily require an all candidates forum for them to vote for the candidates they are already familiar with.

It is realistic, however, to expect that many people will be looking forward to the all candidates forum to provide some background for candidates they are not yet familar with.

So, this would explain the confusion when using the terms “open”, and “decided” when talking about peoples minds and their personal preferences when voting on the upcoming municipal election.

People’s minds are “made-up” for the candidates they either already know and like (or alternatively) know and don’t like.  The other, unknown candidates reserve an “open” mind for an undeceided voter until after the all candidates forum, and until after people vote in the impending election.

I don’t see any hypocrisy when one examines the original statement using these filters.

I had read that one of the meetings would be televised, and hopefully it’ll eventually end up online. It’s a blind hope–and it might not pay off, but that’s how she goes.

I’m also hoping that I’ll be able to vote via absentee ballot–it might not work that way for municipal elections–but that’s how I voted in the federal election, so I hope I can do the same thing locally.

Sorry Eccentric, but we are not that advanced here in Prince Rupert - no absenteeism voting for Rupertites, unfortunately.

You got that right…after 50 odd yrs of living in this town I sure as heck don’t need to attend an all candidates forum before casting my vote.  I am very familiar with many of the contenders and don’t understand why they are even attempting to run ‘again’.

I have to say, that is the case with my “list” – I know each of them personally or know their platforms.

I guess the all-candidates meeting could change my mind, but you’re right, it’s a small town!  You could also change my mind by approaching me at Tim Hortons and explaining why I should vote for someone.

I know a trustee candidate who will get my vote because he has had a couple of informal conversations with me about some important issues.

I don’t know either mayoral candidate (and would probably have voted for Herb Pond versus either one because of that).  So I’m definitely going to have to make an informed choice between them.

Awesome.  That is a great platform to base your decisions on.
I was always a supporter of Herb…but I will say that I would be voting for Jack even if HErb was running.
In past elections I have phoned candidates …some didnt have the courtesy to make a call back…and if that was the case that would be an easy decision for me to not vote for a candidate.
Gary Coons called one time and spent 30mins on the phone with me.  I did vote for him.

Coons does like a good conversation doesn’t he? :wink:

My dad says he’s going to vote for your mother, eccentric.  You should too.

We’re electing Mayor & 4 councillors here.
I don’t know if I will vote for a Mayor at all. One is last decade’s Mayor, the incumbent is a bad communicator.
I will only be voting for 3 councillors. No 4th vote.

Mr Tacky - the candidate who put his business card on the back of the Chamber card and went to the Mining conference… well he’s turned some John Rustad signs inside out and placed his poster on the other side. Just so fucking lame… (elect me! A coat of fucking paint is good enough! We don’t have to FIX anything around here!)

would someone please tell me what kathy bedard or nelson kinney have done for p.r.while on council?bedard does not even live in p.r.!

Have you read the minutes from each meeting for the last three years? That might help your decision making process.

Kathy Bedard apparently owns property in Rupert, so she pays taxes–to me that makes her an investor in our town and she deserves as much say as the next gal.

As for Kinney, he’s pretty level headed and votes the way he says he will.

Although–unless you are curious how these two candidates voted on specific issues, it’s very hard to look at three years of Council minutes and figure out what they individually did. Council works and acts together with one voice–you don’t see the individuals unless you actually look at all the separate votes.

Kinney is a great advocate for seniors.  He is awfully quiet on issues for the most part however and I’d like that to change.  But as we are all destined to get old I believe that it is important to have people such as him in our society that wish to help make life better for all seniors. 

Tony Briglio was in court October 30 on that assault charge… according to the court website his next appearance won’t be until November 2, 2009 - more than a year from now - this court system is getting ridiculous. Anyone know any more about why this is taking so long to resolve?

Although I am not shocked that Mr. Briglio will most likely walk on this charge, I am concerned that we are sending the wrong message to our community - that we accept violence. 

As most of us have heard, this is not the first time Tony has resorted to violence, a few years ago, Mr. Briglio lost his license for impaired driving. 

So, please tell me- is this someone you want representing you?

[quote=“Council Watch”]
As most of us have heard, this is not the first time Tony has resorted to violence, a few years ago, Mr. Briglio lost his license for impaired driving.[/quote]

While I won’t defend him for losing his license for impaired driving, that’s not “resorting to violence”.

Despite you being a closet lawyer, Council Watch, I’m sure the Crown know what they’re doing. It’s not the first time they’ve dealt with assault charges, and like it or not the fact that Briglio was impaired when he committed the crime reduces the chance he’ll see jail time, while increasing the chance he’ll be sentenced to counseling.

Ahh…come on council (oops better lighten my posts up!!)…Impaired driving is not a violent crime.
Yeah no prob…he can represent me…

Give me a break, Eccrentric. I know of two people he assaulted, plus his impaired charge. I am quite sure that many other people are quite aware of it as well.  This is not someone I would representing me or my family. 

Again, what kind of message or we sending to the younger generation if we throw our support behind an offender???

The same message British Columbians sent when they re-elected Gordon Campbell.
I have HEARD many stories as you have.  Some have happened prior to the last election…and Briglio still got elected.  I think the assault could be construed as an act of passion/love crime.  People are sympathetic to that sort of thing…and obviously are sympathetic to a DUI charge as well…
Lets not try and instill our own personal, moral and religious views on the electorate…the facts are they …the people will decide