Which candidates for city council?

My votes for council:

  • Mario Castelli

  • Erika Rolston

  • Anna Ashley

  • Gina Garon

  • Jason Shellenberg

  • John Purdy

I won’t vote for any of the incumbents because none of them responded to my e-mails
concerning the pet bylaw that few actually wanted.

There’s a poll on this thread.  You must be logged in to vote.  And you must vote to see the results.

Mig can you direct me to who John Purdy is and maybe how one gets a hold of Jason Shellenberg please.

Who is Jason Shellenberg?

I was hoping that MIG and HTMF would remain rather impartial and not try and get a movement abreast to get certain Ma Barkers or “concerned citizens” elected.
What we need to keep in mind is that we need to have a very different and diverse council. 
When we have groups of people with the same mindset and the same political and socialism and their ideology is carbon copies…we the electorate suffer.
At this point I can say that PURDY is the only person to have my vote garanteed.
Good luck…and do you home work people.
Last but not least…think and vote on your own accord

I’m not sure why you want to make this about me.  Or why you think I need to stay impartial. 

I expressed an opinion, and so did you.  What’s the problem?

Well, you’re more than welcome to get your own movement going too.  I didn’t realize I was “getting a movement going” by stating who I was voting for.

Why don’t you tell us who you’re voting for, and people who agree with you can join your movement. But knowing your posting history on HTMF, I don’t think you’re going to sway anyone on here. For some reason, people tend to ignore the opinions of those who constantly insult others.

I’m not sure why you think I would know how to get a hold of these people :wink:  Try the phone book?

Jason was recently featured in a newspaper article… possibly on the Podunkian site?

Here’s the link to the item from the podunk site

atowncalledpodunk.blogspot.com/2 … 1215972719

Also if you do a Canada 411 search there is one phone number for Shellenberg listed, perhaps if you were to phone it they might give you and idea if they know how to reach him, it’s not a common name.

Not wanting to intrude on anyone’s privacy, I’m not posting that number here, merely advising of a possible route (other than a phone book I guess) that you may try.


Good Luck, or perhaps he’ll read all the attention here on htmf and will provide an email address for further correpondences and questions… :smiley: 

QFT.  People are not as sheep-like as you seem to think, mcsash. :smile:

I havent insulted anyone.  AND if I have this is an open Apology to all who have been “insulted” by yours truly.
I just want people to make informed decisions.  I dont want people to vote for councillors because I endorse them.  Do your research…thats all I ask.

apology accepted lol

I havent insulted anyone. [/quote]

Dude, that’s all you’ve done since you’ve joined HTMF.  Almost every single one of your posts contains an insult, or you call someone a name, or whatever.

You haven’t insulted anyone?  What does this mean?

try and get a movement abreast to get certain Ma Barkers or “concerned citizens” elected.[/quote]

Who are you referring to as a “Ma Barker” ?  

Seriously, you have zero credibility at this point.  One only needs to look back through your posting history to see that all you’ve ever done was insult people, call them names, and generally act like a 12 year old.  Now all of a sudden we’re supposed to forget everything you’ve posted in the last couple of years and not elect some “Ma Barker” ?

Well here’s an informed decision, which I will repeat:  the opinion of someone who consistently acts immature and calls people names, is worth nothing.

Podunkian has the Northern View’s part 2 of council candidates intros:

atowncalledpodunk.blogspot.com/2 … 5463593376

While I see what you are saying about the tact mcsash takes is not how you may post or argue your point. He is by far not alone in this, almost all the topics here break down into some form of “monkey poo” slinging. example, a forum about improving playgrounds ending up in the wastelands, the resent “all candidate forum” thread posts 3 through 9, which I believe was about arguing.

Ones approach to a topic however vulgar or not your way does not discredit them.  You just don’t like how your being told.

I’m voting for:


And for mayor:


You’re right.  I don’t like being told not to express my opinion because some “Ma Barkers” may be elected. 

No problem with expressing one’s opinion.  But keep it clean, and don’t insult people while doing it.  But I do have a problem with being told that I shouldn’t express my opinion just because he doesn’t agree with it.

My opinion may not be worth much, but I have spent the past years either watching Council meetings on Channel 10 or attending in person.  I can honestly tell you that I didn’t see many of your issues addressed or taken seriously. 

Let’s face the facts group, we are headed for an economic slowdown, which ultimately will have a huge impact on our container port operation.  Regardless of how you feel about the “Concerned Citizens” group, two of those candidates are young and have the energy to put into getting the job done.

I remember not to long ago, how disgusted people were in Tony Briglio’s actions are the incident at the Civic Centre - is this truly someone you really want to represent you and your interests? 

I say lets keep an open mind and here what they all have to say at the All Candidates Forum.

My vote will go to:

Anna Ashley
Gina Garon
Paddy Greene
Erika Rolston
Joy Thorkelson
John Purdy

Ok, I get what you are saying.  Fair enough. I believe he was hoping you were going to remain inpartial on the subject.  I think mcsash thinks you and others Mods are looked up to, not remotely.  Your opinion is just as wanted or unwanted on this forum as any “Regular” Member.  And just because you state who you are voting for does not mean people reading it will vote that way as well just because you did.  If fact it might sway the vote the other way in a lot of cases.

[quote=“Council Watch”]
I say lets keep an open mind and here what they all have to say at the All Candidates Forum.[/quote]

How does this^ work…

…with this?^

LOL, well every once and a while eccentric makes a point that cuts to the chase… :smiley:

If we’re keeping an open mind, perhaps posting our picks should be left to a different posting, thus keeping the illusion of the open mind available for at least another minute or two…

I have no problem with people having made their decision already. There will always be some people who are decided from the get-go–and that’s fine.

Myself, I can’t pretend to know enough about each candidate to make any decision before I see the All Candidates meeting—I certainly have my doubts about some, while favouring others.

I just don’t see how keeping and open mind works if you’ve already made your choices.