Where's our Legion?

My last post was CASINO TROUBLE, my opeining statement was that it was sicking to see a casino built over our legion. To my surprise I had no feed back on the legion what so ever? As you all know we don’t have to many Vet’s left and the ones that are won’t be around for much longer. The people that are responsible for letting the closure go through and you know who you are, never had the decency to even have a hall or building to go to while another facility was being sought out. Then the legion fish derby was at Solly’s why not the Moose at least its a charitably organization. Prince Rupert as we all know has had its good and bad times the city has been in a slump for the last few years and for all of you that have stuck it through deserve the best of luck now the city is coming back. The legion was taking a loss but so was most business, we would of got through it. I remember lining up out side the legion it had the best dance floor intown. Lets get our Legion back any suggestions on a building to buy or lease would be greatfully appreciated. Pretty sad we have to travel 90 miles to the next legion. When the cruise ships come in they ask for the legion we point to a casino how sick is that.

You want sick? How sick is it that the Prince Rupert Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion has pretty much vanished due to the ignorance of the membership.

The problem with the Legion is the same that all service groups are feeling. The membership is getting old and dieing off. The few that are surviving are doing so because they are embracing new members. New YOUNG members. Groups like our Legion are acting too slow or not at all. Years ago I became a Legion member and I didn’t last a year. Hell, I didn’t last but a couple of meetings due to the environment. It’s the same thing that happened to the Elks and many other organizations… if you aren’t an old member, you’re good for manual labor and your opinion doesn’t mean crap. I’m more than willing to do the manual labor, but if you don’t value my opinion and if you aren’t willing to accept change then you shouldn’t expect new members to stick around.

It’s sad really. I feel bad that the organizations that have helped build this town have been left to whither and die because a bunch of old farts couldn’t set their ego’s aside. The Legion bar might very well have closed no matter what, but the organization could still be growing strong. Hell they could have even saved the building if they had the active membership to fund raise for repairs.

[quote=“Five Ounces Of Pain”]
I feel bad that the organizations that have helped build this town have been left to whither and die because a bunch of old farts couldn’t set their ego’s aside. [/quote]

Okay, I’ll bite.  What sort of “ego’s” were in the way?

Didn’t they get ripped off when they sold the building?

are you suggesting that a casino owner would rip off somebody?

To shreds you say?

Name a Legion that isn’t in serious trouble.
Take the pictures of the Queen off the wall, let everyone who was ever even a cadet join up and modernize the place.

Well I must say, being a Legion member myself, and my dad being on the executive, they definatly never got ripped off… The legion had such a huge overhead for bills, being as the building was huge, I tryed numerous times to go there with buddys on a Friday Night Jam session and drink and try to help out in anyway possible, but the way the economy was / is was not helping…

As for a new building thats in the works, but its none of my buisness :stuck_out_tongue:

If you so called members are so concerned about the future of the Legion, then I would
suggest you go to the next general meeting which will be held on June 25th at 7.30p.m.
at the Seniors Centre and voice your opinions there. It is no use pointing a finger what
is done is done, lets get the branch back. After all its your branch you are the ones who
pay the dues. Tell the Executive how you feel! make them listen, you can do it if you try
hard enough and keep together. If you don’t you may never see another branch of the
Royal Canadian Legion in Prince Rupert again. So wake up smell the coffee, do not be
dictated to especially by ones who sit in the background and they know who they are,.
See you there comrades.