Where you gonna get a good pizzzzzza?

Well all this talk of pizza and such, we’ll take one of hackingthemainframe’s ever popular surveys to determine who might offer the best pizza experience.

Leave a note if I missed out on someone, think I’ve covered the pizza places in town.

Hard to beat a (so-called) 2 for 1 pizza. Good variety and delicious.

Sorry for the double post. I clicked on Zorba’s, then threw my 2 cents in.

I worked at Zorba’s and since that time I have never had a piece of bread from there after watching what goes on in the kitchen and also seeing them handle the dishes, no thanks.

Zorba’s and Panago are my fave’s

Zorba’s - may take awhile but it’s well worth the 2 for 1 wait.

Panago - Fast and good variety of za’s and always coming up with new pizza’a, but what the hell is with that dude in there commercials? wearing the Fkn hard hat? come on now time to loose the dude in the hard hat!!

got a hair about 18 inches long a big black one in my pizza from zorbas and really slow service too many times as well as having arguments with the delivery guy , hey the customer is always right .  havent bought a pizza from there for 5 years now ha ha

i eat them all to an extent just because they are there. but none are my favorite. miss my pizza in victoria like villages or little caesars or dominos or all the pizza by the slice joints lol

I’ve worked at Zorbas as well. And as for hair in your food, I think that EVERY restaraunt has had at least one or two hairs fall into their food. Unless all of their cooks are bald. Even if you wear a net, it’s still possible for hair to fall out…

I found a fly in my fries one time at The Anchor Inn. That doesn’t stop me from going there. I complained, and they promptly replaced the fries. We’re only human.

We have to loose the idiots who sing the Pizza Hut song on channel eleven, that just drives me nuts and they sneak up on you with it. Get it off there please.

 hahahaha… no shit…soooooooo annoying…
were having pizza tonight as a matter of fact…  thin crust Dr. Oetker Pomodori, frozen from Safeway…mmmmmmm good pizzas and I don’t have to wait for delivery  :smiley:

I will miss La Cucinas :frowning: I already do miss it.  I complained about hairy food at Zorbas and the waitress said oh, again??  She then proceed to speak to (I assume) a cook about not wearing a hairnet…I was on the phone at the time.  I shook it off and decided to give them yet another try - i really like sri lanken food…but yet again it was fuzzy.  I dont think I can bring myself to eat there again…I wish someone else made sri lanken food :stuck_out_tongue:

There should be an option for making our own pizza at home- as in from scratch. That certainly isn’t hard and then you have all manner of sauce and topping options. This is my biggest complaint with bought out pizza here in town- boring toppings.

homemade pizza is fun- it occupies my kids for a good half an hour while they “decorate” their pizzas  :smiley:

You can buy frozen pizza dough at Safeway or sometimes Panago will sell you some and then you can go to town with all your “embellishments” !!

We’ve made some great pizzas by using the Overwaitea basic pizza, then adding more toppings, and more cheeeeeeeeeese!

Or you can save yourself the money and easily make your own and use it right away or freeze it for later.

We have an Overwaitea?

Never been further west than the Belmont I guess! :imp:

I did not like the Overwaitea pizza.  The rest of my family didn’t either.

Panago is my favourite in Rupert.  It doesn’t taste terrific or anything, but at least it’s better than the other places.

pizza hut is fast and fresh, call us now, it’s just the best…aaaarrrrgggghh,shoot me or shoot my TV!!!  I HATE THAT AD - if anyone from Pizza Hut is on HTMF, DO SOMETHING before we all go craazy