Where to vote in Prince Rupert


Democracy works well if we all participate. If you wish you can vote before the May 9th election. In Prince Rupert the electoral office is located next to East Wind Emporium on 3rd Avenue. The office is open 9-5, Mondays to Friday. Bring ID and you can vote today. You don’t need your voter card. I’m happy that I voted today. Get out and support the candidate of your choice.
On May 9th voting will take place at the Civic Center.

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I’ve had the various parties phone to ask if I’m voting for their candidate. I always respond that I’m definitely going to vote…with my secret ballot. I’ve always hated when pollsters phone at election calls. Why aren’t you all hot and bothered to know my opinion when you’re in power? 4Q

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I neglected to mention that the electoral office next to East Wind Emporium is also open 10-4 on Saturdays. There’s still lots of time to get out and vote for your candidate.