Where is this the 8th?

This is not the site of the Rhyme Federation Championships.

De pratar inte svenska.

Both dogs and people pee on the streets!

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Is this a place of worship?

I don’t even know where to begin on this one.

A quick Google shows that “Galactic Rhyme Federation Championships” is a line from Deltron 3030’s ‘Love Story’.

De pratar inte svensk = You don’t speak Swedish?

Not too sure about the third hint.

And also, the file name “A Place from Circumstances.jpg”… both Place and Circumstances are capitalized, not sure if that’s relevant.

Worshiping a diety?  Absolutely not!  Worshiping one’s butt?  Perhaps…

19 Left.

See? I managed to get more info without using any questions.

Yes, I do see.

18 Left.

Is this a university?

A University for studying books?  Absolutely not!  A University for studying your butt?  Perhaps…

Still 18 remaining.

All right.  This is the second time you’ve made reference to a butt.  A clue perhaps:-)
Is this facility a hospital?

Did I just get pwned?

A Hospital for fixing your butt? No, it is not a hospital.

17 left.

Igen. :wink:

16 left.

I love the way Charlie is playing this game!  I don’ t care about the place, I just check the thread to see what he will answer. 

Somewhere in Asia?

Cochlear, you’re not supposed to ask direct geography questions.

So you’d ask something like:  Is this place in a continent that has the same name as an 80s band that released the song ‘only time will tell’ ?

Not even close! But closer than other places you might normally guess.

Still 16 until Liftoff.

Is it a spa?

Is French the first language of the majority of the inhabitants of this place?

A spa for checking out butts? Nothing, besides doubling your descriptive words, could make you more accurate!

Using French with the inhabitants is as good a last-ditch attempt at being understood as any, or a great first attempt at the opposite.

14 and not even wet!

Béla Lugosi’s dead, but this thread isn’t!

Hotel Gellért, Budapest.


[original attachment deleted after 2 years]