Where is this? Season 4 episode 2

The start of a horrifying journey.

Is this journey in a book/movie?

Lots of books and movies about this journey, some of them are gorier than others.

Are this place and the journey linked to a religion?

House of Slaves on Gorée: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_of_Slaves

Great hints, gum.

Anybody else want to take a stab at picking a place? If so, go for it. If nobody posts a new one by tomorrow night, I will.
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MiG, I don’t know how you got this one. The only hint was the horrifying journey and the book/movie/gory part. You must have incredible picture searching skills or an incredible ability to think “sideways”!

I might have something to post later today.

Would have gotten it quicker :smile: But was on the road.