Where is this? Season 4, Episode 1

I edited the FAQ, and I realized that BigThumb had posted the rules for the Where is This? game there.

Here are the rules: bit.ly/cAfsqC

and here’s the first place of the new season.

The actual place I’m looking for is in the bottom-right of the image below. Click to embigify.

Is this place known for their giants?

Yes, it was known for that in the past, but it isn’t fair for you to take part, since you probably already know where it is. So maybe this should count as a hint.

So I guess it is not McGill Stadium…


Are bullfights (corridas) held in this location?

Great question!


But I’m certain that at least one wannabe Matador has been there.

Is it the stadium of a famous football/soccer team?

Yes, it is.

Was “Francisco Paulino Hermenegildo Teódulo Franco y Bahamonde Salgado Pardo de Andrade” once the head of State where this stadium is located? I think that was his nickname

No. Awesome name, though. I wonder if he was teased much on the playground?

If I stole a Candlestick here would I get locked up with lots of convicted felons for 20 years until the state budget deficit forced them to release me from prison?

Heh, that was easy, especially after Futuregirl’s hint.

The spot is Candlestick park.

You want to post the next one, gum?

I am not technologically literate enough to post a pic without linking directly to a pic that anyone could find by a Google search. How do I do it?