Where is this rules

I’m happy someone decided to revived our very own htmf-crafted game.  Since a lot of new members might not be familiar with the rules, here is what I remember as rules:

Rules for Where Is This?

A member posts a picture of a place. 

It can be an aerial photo (north must be on top)  but it could also be from another angle.

The place should have some significance (historical, scientific, political, literary, whatever). Try not to be too obscur about it but  keep it challenging.

Members have 20 questions to figure out where it is. 

Members ask questions (one at a time please) about the photo but direct geographical questions are not allowed (e.g. Is it in Russia? ).  You may modify it  (e.g. Is russian the main language in this place?).

Hints are to the poster’s discretion.  I would recommend no hints before the 10th question if members are totally off track.

The winner gets to post the next picture but they can allow someone else to do it if they wish.

Players must realize that we don’t all spend 24 hours a day on htmf so replies are not immediate.  Be patient.

Have fun.

Did I forget anything?