Where is this? #9!

This is the site of an important event in history.

You can ask any question, as long as it’s not a direct geography question.  Yes / no questions only.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

I just spent a great deal of time reading about Washington Crossing the Delaware and I even glanced at some Maps around Pennsylvania…

Nowhere did I find a Trussed Drawbridge.

This does not help me know more about Histology…


19 questions left.

Did this event happen in the 20th century?

Yes.  19 questions back.

This is the Pagasus Bridge near Benouville, Normandie, France, one of the sites of the Worldwar II Battle of the Normandie.


Ahh, I was looking at crossings of the Rhine near Arnhem (the “bridge too far”).

Wow!  You are a master,  jees. 

awesome!  well done!

the pegasus bridge is featured in Call of Duty as well…

That is amazing.  I spent an hour last night going over American bridges trying to connect it with the Civil War.  Europe never even entered my thoughts.


Man,  I spent so much time looking out for axis tanks coming from all over the place when I did this map that I forgot what the bridge looked like!