Where is this? #9

Well, it can be your turn if you figure this one out:

Alrighty, this one has a really good… um… fast payoff at the end.

20 questions…

Does the country this place reside in eat a lot of curry?

Is the building shown a place of Religion?

I don’t think so, no.



Is that religion Christianity?

Yes… 17.

Just when I think it’s going to be difficult one, you guys start zeroing in on it…

Wow, sarcasm.

Do the people living nearby speak a germanic language?

Um, no sarcasm intended. I thought it would be difficult to guess this one, but it turns out you guys are about 2 questions away from it…

No, I don’t think it’s a germanic language, going to go look up the definition of “germanic” though…


Ok, looking through here:


It’s a bit hard to give a definite “no” to “do the people living nearby speak a germanic language” … But my first instinct is definitely to say no.

Let’s just say you could make two distinct arguments that the answer to “do the people living nearby speak a germanic language” should be yes or maybe or a little bit. But I still think the answer should be no.

Make sense?

If it helps, by Germanic I meant German, Dutch or English. I’m not really sure which other languages would have a Germanic root.

Ok, I’ll take that as “do the people near this place speak English, Dutch or German?”

the answer is no.


Do they speak Italian? (or is Italian Germanic?)

No, they don’t speak Italian.

But yeah, there’s a couple of arguments to say that standard Italian has germanic influences…

Is this country in the EU? As defined by: userfocus.co.uk/us/eu.html

Unfortunately, that would be a direct geographic question, I think.

I don’t think so? It’s like asking if this country speaks a certain language. Are they part of this union!

I’m sure you can think of another question that isn’t such a direct one, but will have the same information.

Saying yes or no to EU is like saying yes or no to “is this nation in Western Europe” or saying yes no to “is this nation in the Americas” ?

I can think of a question you could ask that would have the same meaning…

OK - which flavour of Christianity - Catholic, Protestant, Eastern Orthodox, or some other?

I guess The Basilique du Sacre Coeur (a.k.a. the Basilica of the Sacred Heart) in Montmartre, Paris.

See what I mean? I thought it was going to be obscure, but it ended up being fricken easy.

Here’s the payoff I promised. Watch this video:

jerrykindall.com/2005/11/07_ … ezvous.asp

DIrect link to the video:

bsdunix.ch.nyud.net:8090/pub … s20_04.mov

It ends at the Basilica.

You win JJR, you get to post the next one.

Yippee yippee! Here’s a good view …

fromparis.com/modules/imageb … =000024_12

Now I have to find one that will stump everyone …

Here’s that video in flash format press the big play button:

fricken awesome.

Here’s the original:

jerrykindall.com/2005/11/07_ … ezvous.asp

DIrect link to the video (better quality, wide-screen format):

bsdunix.ch.nyud.net:8090/pub … s20_04.mov