Where is this? (#9)

Hint: Canadian Prairie Town.


Alistair, I wonder if you actually looked at the other challenges. It must have some kind of significance, whether historical or cultural or something else. I hope you thought about that because your hint is only useful as to avoid asking the obvious question “Is it from Canada?”. You don’t have to tell us the significance as long as you know there is one.

There is significance. It’s cultural, eh!

Is the top of the picture true north?

I could not confirm that the picture’s top is true north, but every map I found was oriented the same way, so I’m presuming that the answer is yes.

¡qustion diecinueve!

Investigated further. Yes, it’s true north.

Anything to do with Bob & Doug MacKenzie? ( the hosers!)


La conexión de la cultura es geográfica.

ok I have to ask.
In Saskatchewan?

[quote=“BigThumb”]ok I have to ask.
In Saskatchewan?[/quote]


Is the spanish in your replies significant?


The people of this region do not primarily speak Spanish but have a close relationship with many people who do.

4 questions down.


[quote=“BigThumb”]ok I have to ask.
In Saskatchewan?[/quote]


Wow, I so thought that this was Unity

A couple of questions:

  1. Is it in Manitoba?

  2. Is religion a major part of the cultural significance?


No. The connection is not religious in the slightest

estevan. but thats in saskatchewan.

A prairie town that is not in Saskatchewan nor in Manitoba.

So is this Alberta town’s relationship with spanish in it’s name?


No on both counts.

Hint #1: Canadian Prairie Town.
The top of the picture is north.
It’s not in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, or Alberta.
There’s no connection to Bob & Doug Mackenzie.
The people of this region have a close relationship with people who speak Spanish.
This place’s name is not Spanish

While visiting this place, you may be interested in exploring the nearby Canadian river.


rra.dst.tx.us/c_t/history/he … NADIAN.cfm

Not sure if qualifies as prairie :wink: I guess we were screwed up looking for Canadian Prairie places, when we should have been looking for Prairie places called “Canadian”.

This was a really good one, Allistair!