Where is this? (#8)

Here is the next challenge. The small town is what’s important here. Significance: PopCulture/TV/Movies

Now, because of recent technical difficulties, I couldn’t upload the pic in the htmf gallery so here is a link to the picture:


Edit: ok I tried “copy image location” but my right click didn’t work. So I thought that flickr had some sort of protection against this type of thing.
Thanks MiG.

Flickr actually encourages you to do this – you need to use the “view all sizes” thing…

Is this town in Saskatchewan?


There are always alternatives.

Is it in Canada?




17 left

You must rely on your human intuition.

Darn you and your hints. I’m too stupid to figure out what they mean.

Challenge your preconceptions, or they will challenge you.

smacks herself in the head

Is it Vulcan?

Live long and prosper.


Great Alistair. I was wondering when someone would recognize ( or google) quotes from Spock.

Your turn to post a challenge.