Where is this #7?

Alrighty, keeping with the show-biz theme. 

Where is this # 7.  Not too obscure, I don’t think.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Was this a movie location?

I’m not sure – it may be a filming location.

It is definitely the site of a TV show, however.

Is the site in the show?  ( as opposed to the site being a filming location for the show)

And another question

Was this show still being produced in the  2006-2007 tv season?

Is the TV show an action style show. say 24?

I’m not sure how to answer that question.  If the show was filmed there, then isn’t it the location for the show?

Anyway, yes, it is the filming location for a TV show (and perhaps other productions as well, I’m not sure).

[quote]Was this show still being produced in the  2006-2007 tv season?

Yes.  17 questions left.

Is the TV show an action style show. say 24?[/quote]

No.  16 questions left!

Your second post said that it was definitely the site of a tv show.  I wanted to know if it was only a filming location pretending to be somewhere else ( like a studio for a sci-fi) or a filming location where the actual setting ( inside and outside) is seen in the show ( like the mansions used in some reality tv show).  Anyway, I am satisfied with your answer.

Is this place in a country where English is the “de facto” national language but where many feels it should gain official status because they are afraid of the growth of spanish in some areas? 
( I guess I was wrong in answering your similar question in the last game :wink:!)

Ah I see what you mean now.  I’m still not sure how to answer it – it could be a maybe :wink:

Take this example:  The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC (which I visited once, cool place!) was used in a bunch of movies and TV shows.  (see:  biltmore.com/explore/funfacts/filmed.shtml

Had you asked that question of yours about the Biltmore Estate, would the answer be yes or no?  I mean, the movies filmed there had it as the location, but it was always a stand-in for another location.  In the movies, it was obviously a mansion, but it was a stand-in for a fictional or other location.  Make sense?

So this location is a lot like the Biltmore Estate.  Stuff is filmed there, but it’s not a dedicated studio.

And you thought you were going to get a yes/no answer!


Oh yes, for sure English is the de facto national language of this place.

16 left!

hell, I’ll waste a question while GoogleEarth for Mac downloads…
Is the area inhabited by Burnabeings?

No.  15 left.

Also, I had to google “Burnabeings” and found only one page:


Looks like your post there too :wink:

What sort of stereotype does Burnaby have? Upper-middle class seniors? I thought that was White Rock?


Is the tv show a comedy?

Has the show won golden globe or emmy awards?

Is the tv show science fiction?

Yes to comedy.

No to awards.  (do you have a link where I can see the list of recent winners just to make sure?)


12 questions left.

I probably won’t be able to answer for a little while, as I’m just home from the hospital for a few minutes.  Version 2.0 will be delivered today, I hope.

Ahh…been there, done that twice.  hang in there, my man! :smiley:

oh oh oh that’s a clue that’s a clue!  That’s the only thing I can help this thread with though.

LOL, well I ain’t got no clues on this here where?

But for the Family Mig it’s good tidings to share…

Hope Mom, Dad and the latest soon to be contributor to htmf are all doing well.

North Hollywood Medical Center
Riverside Drive
Sherman Oaks, California

aka Sacred Heart Hospital

From the show Médicos e Estagiários (Portuguese version)

34° 9? 28.86? N
118° 24? 31.22? W

Awesome, yes.

The location of “Scrubs”!  Glad you got the hospital hint.  Stay tuned for gross photos of Miguel Version 2.0.