Where is this #6

Thanks to BigThumb’s help in the last game, here’s Game #6.

Where is this? Historically significant place.

This is a satellite photo.

Usual rules, 20 questions, no direct geography questions.

Is this a site that is used by the military?

Yes, the military and others.

Is this site located in a country that is currently involved in conflict?

Wow, that’s a tough one, since a lot of countries are currently involved “in conflicts”. Canada, for example, has troops in more than 10 conflicts around the world right now.

But I’ll say yes to the question. You might want to rephrase it to be more precise.

18 left.

Did the “Historically significant event” in question take place within the last 20 years?

Is this place an airport?

Is this place in a country where “Uncle Sam” wants you to join the army?

At least one of the historically significant events that have occurred here have been within the last 20 years.



Also, despite my best efforts, you guys are so going to get this in no time.

Is it near the town the Wright Brothers called home?

Is this a military Aircraft testing facility?

Has this site ever been involved in a rumoured crash of an alien spaceship??

way to repeat my last question

You talking to me?? I didnt see anything about aliens in your question.

I too was thinking about Area 51. But I can’t see any features that clinches it:

I was think Beale Air Force Base, but again, can’t find anything that represents it.

No. 14.

Yes, it’s been used for that purpose. 13.

Yes, rumours. 12

Is it Nellis Air Force Base?

No. 11.

I have one, is the location on this list -->

That’s not a fair question. I’m sure it’s not in the spirit of the game.

It’s like asking a bunch of questions at once.