Where Is This #5

This is one has two answers.  I’ll take either one as correct.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Is English the official language in this country?

Absolutely.  19 left.

Is it above or below the equator?


Actually, according to the rules we’re not supposed to ask direct geographical questions.

Sorry bout that, so we’ll try to they like maple syrup on their pancakes there?

Also, would a person in this country have to add from UTC to get their time zone?

(as an example, in Canada we subtract to UTC to get our timezones.  UTC -8 for BC, UTC -7 for Alberta, etc)

Maple Syrup.  Doesn’t everyone like maple syrup on their pancakes? 
Now, if you’re asking if Maple trees are indigenous to this country, I would say no.

UTC, these people get to add to the UTC.  Don’t ask me how much 'cause I don’t know.

18 & 17.

The nickname of people from this country – is it a bird’s name?

Yes.  16

Is this location on the same island as the hill with the longest placename in the world?

Thanks to MiG, I think I got it. (And the time zone is to my advantage this time).

This is an area northeast of Wellington, New Zealand, called Kaitoke Regional Park near the city of Upper Hutt.  This is where Rivendell in LOTR was located.  The Hutt river was also used for the Anduin river in some scenes.

Way to go Big Thumb.  You got everything.  Your turn now.

Aw man, I fell asleep with Google Earth this wikipedia page open:


Way to go BigThumb!

That is very funny MiG.  You can tell from  your questions that you had the Lord of the Rings part solved.