Where Is This? #38

I’m kind of keeping with Big Thumb’s theme here, just not too closely. 

Okay, here’s a hint.  It’s not the biggest of it’s kind, but it is the oldest.

Is this area in S. America?

Sorry, that’s a direct geographical question and is not allowed by the rules of the game.

Is it winter season right now at that location?

Yes it is.  19 left.

…and does it have an “out of/in space” component like the last (Where is This #37) had?


I’m bumping this back up to the main page because I don’t want it to fizzle out and die.
I’ll post another clue soon if needed, but let’s hope that there is an eruption of questions.

Where is This ? #37 theme was: It’s the biggest of it’s kind…and so how “close” to this theme is this new quest?

It has nothing to do with outer space debris, I just worked from the “biggest of its kind” to the oldest, or first, of its kind.  On further research I have found that this is actually not the first, but second.

Here is a google street view of a town near the enterance to this site.

Whatever it is, is it natural ( not man-made)?

Absolutely.  In fact there are a lot of natural things to see here.

Does it have something to do with mining?

Nope, mining isn’t allowed here.

Is it located in a natural preserve…i.e Heritage Park etc?

Yes it is.

does it contain salt?

This took a lot searching, but yes, there are salts here.

Here is a closer image of a part of the site.