Where is this # 37

All right, MiG didn’t post anything so here is another challenge.

Starting hint:  It’s the biggest of it’s kind.

Rocanville Sask.

That isn’t really a question but it counts!
The answer is no!

19 left.

Is the location within the Standard time zone: UTC/GMT -4 hours ?



Does it have a military application in anyway?


Does it have anything to do with farming/agriculture?

16 questions left.

I’ll post a clue after the next question.

Is Mr. Stephen Harper the Prime Minister of the country involved in this quest?


15 questions left.

Hint # 2:  To go back to the farming/agriculture question, that thing that is the biggest of it’s kind was discovered by a farmer in his field. But it is not directly related to farming.
Also, when the farmer found it, he was plowing the land.

Is it the country side in England where hints of early Roman Armies were settled?

It’s the Hoba meteorite near Grootfontein Namibia.

Good job Illy!