Where is this? #36

Ok, here’s #36:

20 questions.

This town has cultural significance (film and music) and a couple of connections to historical events too.

As far as I can tell, North = Up in this aerial photo.

Is this town located in the country with a maple leaf on its flag?


Is it within the borders of a country that has a flag with red and white stripes, with white stars on a blue background?


Does the town which this state lies in have a Republican as Governor?

Yes. 17 questions left.

For everyone’s convenience, here’s a map of RED/BLUE governor states.

homeofheroes.com/speakout/li … rnors.html

heh - I just noticed the url: homeofheroes.com.

These kinds of things would never have happened with a Republican in office.

Does the state name have 2 words in it?

No it doesn’t.

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger the governor of this state?

No. 15 left.

Could I hop on a riverboat and do some gambling on America’s 2nd longest river in this state?

Is the cultural reference to this town something like it’s the title of a movie or a song?

I assume you mean North America?

No. 14

No. 13.

The cultural reference is that a songwriter came from this town. Is also the birthplace of a famous sailor, who commanded a famous ship during a famous battle.

It was also used as the setting for a couple of movies. This is probably the biggest “claim to fame” of the town.

I actually meant the USA.

It doesn’t change the answer, I don’t think.


It doesn’t change the answer, I don’t think.[/quote]

Actually it does…



And there are gambling riverboats on both Missouri and Mississippi rivers (well, in some states). So whether you meant gambling in a state (that allows riverboat gambling) on the Missouri or gambling in a state (that allows riverboat gambling) on the Mississippi, either one, the answer is no.