Where is this? #33


The red dot is just the center of the map – doesn’t mean anything.

I’m looking for the name of this town/region and the significant event that took place here.

Is this region situated within the borders of a country that was a major player in WWII?

That’s a hard question to answer.

This region certainly saw action during most of WWII.

Let me give you an example: Was Libya a major player in WWII? How about the Philippines? Yet both of these places had major battles happen on their soil…

That is your favourite question…

Is this an arid area?


That is your favourite question…[/quote]

It does narrow it down quite a bit if the answer is “yes”. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s my favorite…

No, not arid.

Is the anniversary of the significant event that took place here marked by either an annual regional, national or international holiday?

No. Nothing annual.

Does the significant event you talk about has to do with armed conflct of any kind? ( armed meaning any kind of weaponry)

Yes it does (any kind of weaponry).

Did that specific conflict result in the victor defending it’s land?


So is that land still occupied by the foreign victor today?

No, the victor of this event does not occupy the land.

Were some weapons used in the conflict using gun powder?

Is this area known also for a discovery, or is it only known for armed warfare?

I don’t know of any discovery here.


You got sucked into answering a question that wasn’t a yes/no format.