Where is this #33

This might be really easy, but all my other ideas were definitely too obscure so we’ll see…

Hint: According to its Wikipedia entry, this city and its surrounding area was originally inhabited by the Lenape people.

Yeah, try again with a more obscure one :smile:

Scranton, PA.  Home of the US version of The Office.

Grawr, how did you get that just from the topography and a Native hint? Jebus.

Try number twooo.

Annnd I can’t think of a way to give a hint without giving too much away right off the bat… the Wiki for this place is only a few sentences long. But I guess that’s a hint in and of itself.

And the person that gets this is going next, eeeeven if they guess it immediately. Picking the place is harder than guessing!

I think I have a pattern recognition thing going.

Anyway.  First question:  Is it winter there now?


Is Barack Obama the president of this country?


And a hint, I guess. This place is known, in part, for art history.

Is this place in a country where the last armed conflict happened before 1900?  :imp:


Is this country world renowned for its Beaujolais nouveau wine?

Is this town a birthplace of a famous painter?

“Every dog has his day”  MB  :-D

…and go about it in ‘moderation’…I’ll be keeping an eye on you


According to its Wiki, no… but the art history I was referring to is indeed connected to a famous painter.

Is German the first language of most of the people in this country?

No. Austin Powers’ father hates the people in this country.

Is that country famous for the variety of its pastas?

No mention of pasta on this country’s Wiki.

Does this country have more than one official language?

Is it Nuenen, Netherlands? I am not sure how to post the picture. It is the place where Vincent Van Gogh resided 1883-1885.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuenen