Where is this? #32

No hints but two pics:

Does this belong to a country that invented pizza?


Do they speak Spanish with a lisp in this place? ie: pronounce Ç as “th” ?

Can’t really answer this one since I’ve never heard anyone from that area speak.

Just trying to sneak two questions in at once :wink:

Do they speak Spanish in this area?

Was this area a site of a conflict in WWII?

[quote=“MiG”]Just trying to sneak two questions in at once :wink:

Do they speak Spanish in this area?[/quote]

If you mean as the main language, then No


Define area ( country or area seen on picture?)

Does the significance of this location relate to Catholic worship?

Has anyone ever lived in this building?


Don’t know! Hard fact to check at this point.

Does it belong to a continent where all the countries share the same currency?

It looks an alot like a city where the dominant language is french.

ok, i am possitive that this is Paris France.

Pretty sure it’s not. Take a look at a map of Paris.

Notice the placements of the bridges on the map… then look at the photo very closely. I’m 99% possitive its Paris!

Though he wasn’t specific enough on what he was asking for, its a restuarant

The branch off the river to the right on BigThumbs pic isn’t on your map, and it should be. Dashing resemblance though.

BigThumb’s city is also much less urban (there are farm fields, it seems)