Where is this? #29


OK! One more try with this kind of picture. I may not like it as much but it’s still a good idea.

Hint: annual event

Mardi Gras

Running of the Bulls.



Does this event belong to a country that speaks mainly spanish?

Yes! 17… (Good job mEtHaD!)

Does this event have to do with tomatoes?


Yes…I’m right…it is La Tomatina in Spain.


This is the picture before the fight. I’ll post the after picture later.

running of the bulls was my second guess… though i still would have had it wrong.

Uh, what was your thought process for figuring this out? :smile:


[quote=“steph”]Uh, what was your thought process for figuring this out? :smile:


Well, since it wasn’t the running of the bulls, but the country was Spanish speaking I picked tomato fest. I also looked at the walls of the building and saw that they had plastic on them (to protect the walls from tomatos, was my guess). Now I need to come up with another picture.

Good job Dave! I hadn’t even really had much of a chance to check it out.

They have a food fighting festival and don’t get in trouble for it??

I know where my first big vacation is going to be!

Here is the after picture as promised:

More on:http://www.lahoya.net/tomatina/galeria1.html