Where is this #28

Okay, I’m up for one. Here we go


Is it LaMar, Texas?

Would you expect the sinks to drain in the same direction as ours? (according to the myth)


Does this country have a softwood lumber tarrif with us right now? (Maybe it’s no longer in effect? I don’t follow it)

Is the location in a province where Gordon Campbell is Premier??

Ok, just a shot in the dark here but im gunna guess Kamloops BC.

It is, but I’m actually looking for you to guess what highway it is.




Is this a State Highway?

Highway 82 Bonham, Texas


[quote=“Delirious”]Highway 82 Bonham, Texas

Oh man… this must be a real hick town USA

[quote=“Stardog Champion”]

It is, but I’m actually looking for you to guess what highway it is.[/quote]

I retract my question :wink:

(I just want clarification before I proceed)

As per dylan’s question, this is a picture of LaMar, Texas? BUT you want us to guess the highway?


Route 666 Highway to Hell

Not actually in Texas, either:


The guy who took the photo is named LaMar, not the town. Hence the © LaMar thing on the side. lamarus.cz/

lamarus.cz/mista/rtshscn.htm is the page, I think.

Well done beso!

I got thrown off by the Lamar Texas reference. As soon he mentioned he wanted the highway, I immediately thought of highway 666, but it isn’t in Texas. Good job Barry.

The Days Inn sign kinda threw me off. The landscape and trees look like BC too. I was thinking Okanagan somewhere