Where is this? #26

Alrighty, 20 questions. No direct geography stuff.

Culturally significant location (movies, mainly).

Did the country this place is located in get attacked by terrorists in planes?

Is there a coffee shop/restaurant in the bottom corner of that building? (being the building in the center of the picture?)



Was this area a location for a famous movie?

I hope this is what you’re after… Is it El Teddy’s Restaurant? Cultural significance being the Statue of Liberty’s Crown and its appearances on Saturday Night Live for so many years.


El Teddy’s restaurant is shown in Mig’s picture aswell as this one. A 2,500-pound, 40-foot-wide replica of the Statue of Liberty’s crown is on the roof. The crown was shown in the opening credits of SNL for almost a decade… Teddy’s restaurant failed to survive after the nearby Sept.11 attack, and has since been demolished. After failing to find a new home for the crown, it was cut up by blown torch and thrown out. El Teddy’s is now being, or has already been demolished ot make way for a new 6 level condo.

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My internet is being the shits… I’d like to do more research on this, but I can’t get google to work.



Is this movie on the AFI top 100 list?


It’s actually featured in two movies that I know of…

I’m dying to ask a question about the Olsen twins because I know MiG is a big fan of their movies but I wont.


Since there are a lot of buildings there, I thought I would point out the one that I’m talking about here:

It is the Ghostbuster’s HQ and Firehouse! Hook and Ladder #8, the 2nd oldest firehouse in New York.

Is the building in question a hotel?

The two movies you are probably talking about are Hitch and Ghostbusters.

Another Picture…

On the corner of Varick St and N Moore St.

I think you got it Lando.

Excellent! Your turn to post a new one.