Where is this #26

I might not have time to answer questions, but where is this?  #26

Can’t ask direct geography questions, but you can be creative.

Historical significance to this entire area.

MiG…are we to focus on the empty area where possibly something of importance is to be built (or is already built, since the areal photo was taken awhile ago) or on the main building at the bottom of the picture?

Is it in a eastern block country ??

The whole neighbourhood. Though most of the historical events happened in one particular building. 

This country was never behind the “Iron Curtain.”

Is it a Canadian Native/Aboriginal Museum ?

Is it a border crossing?

does it snow there




To the right, is that a set of toll booths?

The row houses…are they living accomodations?

Also, does the country in which it is located has Queen Elizabeth on its currencies?

If you look at the road at the bottom, there are arrows on the left side of the road, so its definitely a ‘Drive on the left’ country! :smile:

And I BELIEVE on the right hand side, that may be a railway station!

HEY MIG  Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire - Birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill

Aaaah, I was going to say, maybe, Windsor Castle !!

I don’t think so: http://alturl.com/69w2

Got it!!

‘Station X’ aka Bletchley Park. We decrypted the Enigma ciphers here =)

maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source= … 5&t=h&z=17

EeeeHaaaw!!! Nice one.
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Good job Grockle!

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