Where is this? #25

OK, This one should be interesting in the same vein as MiG’s earlier post.

Two pictures from two places that are somewhat related (according to Wikipedia anyway).


Find the places and you might find the link.

20 questions. My only hint is that you may get to the answer faster if you focus on the first picture.

Is the first picture of a place which has strong biblical ties?



Mexico City?



Does water drain in the same direction as ours?

Again, according to the myth, yes.


Is this area surrounded by desert?

Is this a spanish-speaking nation?

I don’t think so but ironically, and maybe as a hint, I actually found the idea looking at oasis pictures.
I will check later for sure but it is no for now.

No to the spanish speaking question.


Are both places in the same city?

If not, are they in the same country?

[quote=“Stardog Champion”]Are both places in the same city?

If not, are they in the same country?[/quote]

No to the first one,

No to the second one.


I’m going to bed so no more answers tonight. But some things to think about:

The two places are not well known but the link between them is a fairly well known part of history. So some questions about the link will lead you to the places.
Also, the first place is near a important archeological site (not really related to the link between the two places).
I think that the person that can say what the link is and/or name one of the places will be the winner.



Xi’an China. Silk Road.

Yes, it’s the Silk Road. Xi’an, the first picture, was the Eastern terminal. Antioch, now Antakya, was one of the westernmost terminals.

Xi’an is also the place where the Terra Cotta soldiers were found:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terra_cotta_soldiers

I tried for 30 minutes to find the Antioch photo, but no luck.

You want proof.

There it is:http://www.planet-turquie-guide.com/antakya.htm

Second picture.

My mistake was looking for Antioch (and the holy hand grenade!) instead of Antakya.