Where is This? #20

Let’s stick to a nautical theme …


River Plate.

finger of god

finger of god, new mexico

I think this is a lesson to us all to not use pictures that can be found on wikipedia.

It’s not Wikipedia, it’s like posting an image of Hudson’s Bay and asking where it is. That’s pretty clearly the River Plate estuary. I didn’t have to look it up :wink:

You can see Buenos Aires there and Montevideo across from it.

Also, “Where is this? #3” was in Buenos Aires, and it was a satellite shot from Google Earth, so I was already pretty familiar with the River Plate from that.


Post the next one Migger, I’m home now and ready to play.

Also, my career goaltending stats in the PRFHL are 100% save percentage, and 0.00 GAA.

Well I’m learning how to play the posting game - nothing from Wikipedia - learn how Mig thinks …