Where is this #2

This is the birthplace of a Canadian who created a successful business and a canadian institution that influences the daily life of many Canadians.

20 questions, no direct geographical ones.

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A real challenge!  Finally!

Is the in a nation that has English as the only official language?

No, it has French beside English.

Is it in Qubec?

No.  18 questions left.

That’s a direct geography question.  This is not allowed in the game.  Jees, don’t answer these.

Is the business a chain of stores?

Is the business a chain of stores?



Is the person still alive today?

Yes, as far as I know.  16 questions left.

Ron Joyce, co-founder of Tim Horton’s.

Born, Tatamagouche, NS.

Woohoo!  This was a tough one, I was all over New Brunswick looking up and down rivers.


[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

You’ve got it MIG!  It’s your turn again to post another challenge.