Where is this? #2

Ok, here you go, #2.

Do the baseball/softball diamonds have any significance to what we are looking for?


Is this site located within the borders of the country whose flag bears red and white stripes with white stars on a blue background.


I don’t know if this will count as a question, but are we looking for an event that took place here, or just the place in question?

Culturally significant location, as well as politically significant.

There have been important events here, but the place itself is important. And I’m really going to try and just answer yes/no :wink:

Is this culturally significant location relevant worldwide, rather than just in the U.S.?

That’s an opinion question. I’d say yes.

Is the body of water in the picture salty?

Is this in the same State as the institution of Harvard?

No. 16 left.

No. 15 left.

Is what we see in the picture part of a educational institution? ( any place of learning/training)


Does the name of the state this site is in begin with an C?

Yes it does, but I’m not sure these are the kind of questions you’re supposed to ask.

Is this place of learning/training of the military kind?

No. 12

Is the name of the state where this instution is built, the same as the one of the river that flows in the Grand Canyon?

Is this intitution famous because of a scientific discovery?