Where is this? (#18)

[quote=“BigThumb yelled across the room”]
Nope, too much farmland.[/quote]

And I wouldn’t consider the little burrows in L’Anse-Aux-Meadows archeological remains of an ancient civilization.

12 left, I won’t count that guess Molten.

Is this the site of an ancient city?

Yes 11…

Is this location well known?

I would say no since I had to search a little bit.


Is this site related to King Aurthur and/ or the Grail quest in some way?



ok this is a tough one! methinks we need another hint? your last one was the link to what was stonehenge. Ancient civilization, possible mythological signifigance?

yes to mythological significance,


Did Homer write about this place?

Did someone named Schliemann go searching for it?

Did Monty Python make a spoof of part of the myth?

Did Achilles die here?

Is it the site of Troy? :smiley:

Yes. Finally!